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When I take a photo, I have to feel something. I have to want to take it. I have to be fully immersed in a person, a landscape or an experience. I have to see a glimmer of the soul, feel an emotion that begs to be expressed, or an outpouring of light from it. Photography is not about the analytics. It is about the process, the journey and the expression.​

As a self-taught photographer and abstract artist with an unbridled passion for capturing the natural beauty of life, my joy in photography and art comes from the emotions I am able to watch unfold within or around my subjects. The main reason I do what I do is to share in the light I experience when I am around people, plants, animals and landscapes. Seeing my subject express its true emotion, whether it be joy, heart-felt connection, bliss or balance  fascinates me and is why I continue to do what I do as an artist.

What began as just my camera and a curiosity to experience the world has lead to this unification of love and beauty I see glowing around me.  

My mission is to help change-makers step into their power and shine their light to the world by capturing the essence of what and who they are. Let me help showcase your true being and essence to the world

Sarah Snow 
Photographer/Artist -
Personal Awakening Coach -



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