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Behind the Lens...

Body Painting

Sarah Snow

 Intuitive Business Consultant | Platform Creation| Web Design | Graphic Design | Creative Photography

 I am here for authenticity. For intimacy. For freedom of expression.

Human and heart open. With a deep passion for deep emotive intuitive design. 


Because aren't we here to be alive in our fullness? 

We are naturally, perfectly free. Let us help you shine your light to the world by celebrating the essence of what and who you are to the world and the people you love.


Intuitive Business Consulting

Platform Creation | Web Design

Graphic Design | Logo Creation

Creative Photography 



Sarah Snow is Self-Taught Natural Light Photographer and Abstract Artist with an unbridled passion for capturing the natural beauty of life. Her deep joy in Photography and Design comes from the emotions she is able to feel unfold within or around her subjects when she takes a photo or creates a piece of art. Seeing her subjects express true emotion, whether it be joy, heartfelt connection, bliss or balance and feeling those moments of intimacy is where her passion is fuelled from. 


Sarah Snow Photography started out as a creative outlet to showcase the beauty of everyday life with those around her. It was just me, my camera and a curiosity to experience the world. Taking photos eventually lead to a Community Facebook Page which the intention of uniting people in a positive way through the sharing and expression through Art Form.


Today, her work has extended to Newspaper and Online publications, Professional Services in Landscape, Abstract and Portrait Photography as well as the creation of One-Of-A-Kind Canvas work for personal clients.

Over the last 10 years, she has Catered to Special Events Internationally from Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Indonesia, Guatemala and Mexico. Her current mission and focus is on empowering and assisting Conscious Creators step into their light and share their divine gifts with the world.

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“Sarah has been recognized in 2022 as one of the Top Female  Business Coaches by Coach Foundation.” 

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