Everything Happens for a Reason

The package of your choice typically starts off with a 30min consultation either in person or on the phone. Here is where we get to know each other. During our conversation we'll have an opportunity to discuss your project in detail.


That way, I am able to gain a strong picture about who you are and the vibe you are looking to portray. If you don't quite know, don't worry (that is what I am here for!)


 If your feeling pro-active I always ask for sample shots of what you're looking for so that I am a clear understanding on what your vision is. With this, together we build a beautiful picture on what you'd like your photos to emcompass and the best avenue to produce them.


If you are a business owner, here I hone in on the steps you are looking to take to move your venture forward. We discuss how photos can help you along this process pending on the marketing materials you require.


Lastly, we iron out the fundamentals of the shoot, pinpointing the location, time, props to bring, clothes to wear etc. I will send you an email finalizing these details in the weeks leading up to the shoot date.

In follow-up I send you, I'll be providing a summary of the session details. At this time I ask for a $100 seat deposit which saves your position in my schedule. Once I receive this, you are booked! All that's left to do now is a quick follow-up 1-2 days before our scheduled adventure and your all set.


So, what are you waiting for? 


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