The package of your choice typically starts off with a 30 minute Complimentary Consultation either in person or on the phone...


Here is where we get to know each other.


During our conversation we'll have an opportunity to discuss your project in detail.


From here, I'll be able to gain a strong picture on the essence of who you are and the service you are here to bring. If you are a business owner, here I will hone on what it will take to move your dreams and ventures forward as well as provide clarity about on the next steps in moving your dreams into a clear path forward.


Whether it be Creative Photography, Platform Creation, Web Design or Intuitive Business Coaching, we will dive into essence...the colours, feeling and style that is coming to the surface to be expressed. This will help us both, understand and build your vision clearly, create a beautiful picture on what you'd like your to encompass moving forward and the best avenue to produce them.


PHOTOGRAPHY | If we are working together on a Creative Shoot, here we will iron out the fundamentals of our session. By pinpointing all the details the require finalizing before our appointment. The location, time, props to bring, or clothes to in organization to wear prior to our appointment. You will then receive an email outlining the fundamentals of the project, in addition to any additional information which requires clarification. 


A $100 seat deposit is required at this time, and in receipt of this, our spot in my schedule will be officially set. I am fully available for your questions and feedback as we move through this process. You'll receive a quick follow-up 1-2 days before our scheduled adventure. You should receive your completed Photo Package or Design 2 weeks from the completion of our session unless otherwise discussed.


Are you ready?