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Sharing Kindness


With a gifted eye and an enthusiasm for her surroundings, be it the grandest of landscapes or the smallest detail on a street sign, she captures a state of wonder and brings out the extraordinary in the most ordinary of things.

William Agnes | Financial Controller

​After meeting Sarah, I have become more open about expressing my true self, and not caring if people judge me for it. Meeting her has made me stop questioning why I am different from other people and just accept and embrace that I am different. I really appreciate our friendship because she understands me, and she gets how I think. I have finally met someone that finally understands me and my perspective of the world. Sarah is able to communicate in words, writing, and in photography the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs I have but am unable to express.

After meeting her, I have realized that I may be trapped in a world where everyone around me pressures me to abide to societal norms, and I may blend in to those norms based on the way I live my life, but that doesn’t mean that I have to change my beliefs, values and dreams just to fit in.

​Nancy Nguyen | Certified Management Accountant

Sarah is an ambitious and goal-oriented professional who strives for excellence in her field of expertise. I was extremely impressed by her photography skills while assisting me with professional head-shots. Sarah is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her in the future.

​Dr. Fabio Levi | Chiropractor | PhysioChiroWellness

With her Natural eye for photography, Sarah captures life in its pure state which such uniqueness that is hard not to stare at her work.

Miguel Huber Photographer at Miguel Huber Photography | Fitness Instructor Specialist at Zumba Fitness

Sarah has the ability to capture images beyond the superficiality of being in front of us. She captures things in there true essence, bringing to life the emotions of what each element offers to our senses.

​Zach Olesinski | Traditional Medicine

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